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April 13, 2007



You made me promise to talk you out of getting another dog- so here goes-


Go volunteer at the local animal shelter if you need a small animal fix.

We're going to have to replace our entire living room carpet because of dog pee- don't do it!


Where do I begin? So much info to process. I think the rug in the living room looks great. Probably won't show the stains of the dog pee and poop that is about to be deposited upon it. Sorry your flowers died. Just as well, as the new dog would have just gone pee on them anyway and killed them. That bluebird on your porch sure is cool. I bet your new dog will love to chase it around the yard while it is out there pooping and peeing. Too bad Pam didn't bring Bear, her dog, with her on her road trip. He might have had to pee or poop while she was driving and then she would have stopped earlier and avoided the accident completely. Good for Jude for exclusively going pee and poop in the toilet instead of in his pants, or various places around the house and your belongings like a common dog might. Well I'd better stop now. I'll write again soon. Oh, yeah, about the dog, I think it is a great idea. Go for it. Zanny

Cousin Nancy

Loved your photos, Judy. Your update was most welcomed, just sorry about the flu, fever, cold sores, frozen plants, rainy Easter, and Pam's scary ordeal. So glad everyone survived!

You probably have already considered this, but how about advertising the condo in the Omaha Hearld, KC newspaper, or travel magazines--summer season is almost here.

Greg, John's son, has an adorable Boston Terrier named Lucy. Uncle Scott and Uncle Bud also had Boston bulls (as I remember them being called). Cute, very smart, and low maintenance. Remind Rob there is such a thing called "house training."

Hope trouble free, happy days are ahead.

Love, Nancy

Karen Moriarity

Judy, I was sick with the flu the same time you were. I started with a fever, the trots and splitting headache, then after a day, I thought I was over it and went to my part time job. I was wrong. REALLY WRONG! I then got the same symptoms as you had. I did go to the walk-in clinic for some good drugs, which they gave me, but I have noticed a little nagging back ache. Your blog has me thinking I should check that out too. "Gettin old ain't for sissies", as my step-mom used to say. Sounds like your kids want to get you a dog. Ha.

I'm glad your sister came out of that awful wreck on the interstate ok. Scary!

I'm glad you are done with your chemo treatments at least for awhile. Hopefully forever. I love your blogs about the grandkids. Jude is a little character isn't he?

Stacy Page

Man you Fritz girls have had a "Hell of a time lately". When I typed that I could almost hear Virginia saying it outloud. It sounds like something she would say. Man, I miss her and her laugh!! Easter just wasn't the same without her mac and cheese and hot cross buns.I hope things get better for both you and Pam. The flowers were beautiful for as long as they lasted! I have a suggestion on the dog thing. I have a Shih Tzu. They don't bark unless you train them to, they don't shed, very few people are allergic to them, they are portable for out of town trips and are great with kids. Maddy, Ellie and Nathan have poked my Shih Tzu Bumkin in the eyes, ears and every where else several times as well as landed on him, pulled his tail and ears, etc. And he has never once so much as nipped or growled at them. He just looks at me like, can you help me out Mom? They are a great, friendly, small portable breed. The only thing is you have to have a groomer cut their hair every 6 months or so. Take care-Love ya-Stacy

Sharon Cunningham

Judy, I was glad to get your e-mail as it seems like it has been a long time since I had one. I missed hearing from you and was concerned. I'm glad your last round of chemo is over and pray that there will be good news when you go in on Thursday. As far as the dog is concerned, I would think long and hard about getting one. For the first time in my life, I am dogless. The only animal that lives in my house is Rosey, the trantula that Andy gave me about 10 years ago. Rosey takes little maintainance but she is a little difficult to cuttle up to.


Loved all your pictures!! So sorry to hear about your bout with the flu and the cold sores from Hell!!! Ouch! And so glad to hear Pam came through her accident so well...Wow! She is VERY lucky!!! Her guardian angel must have been watching over her. Cars can be replaced...she can't!

Re the dog...that's a personal decision, and not being much of a dog person, I wouldn't know what breed to suggest...but from what I hear, there are some mixes that are very sweet...so I'd stay away from purebreds, if I were you. But I'm not, so just go with your gut. What the heck...if you want a dog, GET A DOG!


I have a Shih Tzu too and mine has been great with kids. They don't shed, but I think Stacy meant to type every 6 weeks rather than months. I have been able to get away with two months or so but that's it.

Judy Farrington

Judy, so good to hear things are going well after all your traveling & flu bug 'bite'! Your flowers DO look beautiful & I am sure they've made a come back by now.
We have enjoyed one camping trip @ Cherry Glen so far - the campground was totally full that weekend. Doing some 'house' stuff for the time being before taking off for the campgrounds again.
Stay well and good luck with your puppy - whatever you may choose.
Love, Judy

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