July 09, 2007



Hello from England, Judy! Your 4th of July celebration with the "kids" (big and small)looks like a lot of fun. Even though the "Red Coats" don't celebrate the 4th of July over here, I still had my own celebration. I put my American flag up on my front door, sang patriotic songs in the shower while getting ready for work (I drove Hugh crazy!), then Hugh and I went to dinner at an "American" diner in Beckenham and had some really good nachos and cheeseburgers. No picnics and fireworks, but it was a nice celebration anyway. We also spent the weekend on the seacoast so that was my 4th of July vacation, of sorts. I'm so happy to hear about your trip with Mom to the Big Apple! Niki is a fun hostess so I know you'll enjoy your visit! The Staten Island ferry is free and has great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Have a wonderful time! Love you, Kelly


Wow! I am so jealous! Sure wish we could have been there to share in the fun. Trying to talk Jack into a trip down there. He loved our boat ride so much last weekend that I think it might be possible. Also, GREAT news about the free accupuncture. What a great idea. He can take some data and you can possibly benefit. Sounds like a win win situation. Well, I'd better run to get Mitchell off to summer camp with Miss Patty. He goes three afternoons a week for just a couple of hours, but it is such a nice break for me. I think today I will go for a bike ride while he is there. We are missing you more than ever, especially after seeing you blog. Have a great week. Love, Zanny

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