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October 08, 2007


Cousin Nancy

What a great blog, Judy! I never knew camels could be that friendly--what fun that must have been. And the Carl Edwards experience is a priceless memory. Good luck with your house search; hope someone falls in love with yours very soon. We think of you often and you are always in our prayers. It was so good to hear from you (via blog). Take care.


It was great seeing the pictures to go along with the activities I'd heard about. Mitchell would keep anyone entertained! I even watched some of the race on Sunday. Felt like they were going single file on the outside of the track a lot of the time. Guess I don't understand the rules! Will talk about that some other time. Hope your counts are good enough for your chemo. Will check with you soon. Love you, Susie

Judy Farrington

Great to have a visit with camels in your memory bank. How unique. You always find stuff like this, Judy.
And Carl Edwards & Mitchell & you, too! We were at the KC Speedway last year & got to have my pic taken with his pit crew. Dave & I enjoy NASCAR. Glad to hear Mitchell is a fan, too.
Good luck with the sale of your house. It'll be soon for sure.
Glad you are feeling well. Take care. Love, hugs & prayers.


Great pictures! We had a fabulous time. Just wanted to let you know that we got Mitchell his pet today. He picked out a fish that he put in his fish bowl you bought him. He named it Pumpkins. Very adorable if you ask me. Speaking of adorable. Can't take my eyes or my mind off of the Carl Edwards pictures. Love that new smile of Mitchell's. Talk to you soon! Love, Zanny

Karen Moriarity

Roz and I just got back from a week's trip into South Dakota. I'd never been to the Badlands, Blackhills, seen Mt. Rushmore or Crazy Horse. Those were my four must see items, and we saw them all. Beautiful trip! Your camel pictures remind me of our meetup with the friendly wild burros in Custer State Park. My little car had donkey kiss marks on the windows. I took a picture of Roz safely ensconsed in the car while a donkey tried to entice her to open the window. Ha.
Mitchell is getting to be a big boy now. How old is he? I remember your pictures of him with the Wiggles too. He just seems to capture the attention of those who are used to getting attention themselves. Carl Edwards seems to be taken with him. I just love the big smile on Mitchell's face. Also, glad to hear things are getting better in your health department. Roz and I talked about you this past week. I asked her if she'd heard anything from you, as I hadn't. Sure enough, I had your blog when I got home. Keep those blogs coming.

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