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January 21, 2008



Hi! It is good to hear from you. Do you feel any more rested overall or is it to soon to notice any difference. I hope you are having a good time. We are freezing our butts off!!! I am going to Sean's this week-end. Be glad you are there!!!!!!!


Hi! I finally had a chance to download your blog...sounds like you are enjoying some time for relaxation...good for you! March 15, huh?? I might just have to think about that...it all depends on how difficult it would be to get there from here. Hope you're warming up a bit, and getting in some beach time. Enjoy!

Judy Farrington

Judy & Jerry, Enjoy that beautiful sunshine & georgeous blue skies. I'm sure the sea shell collection will increase soon.
Love, Judy & Dave

Judy Farrington

Judy, I was there for your 1st 'five year' anniversary! I am so happy for you. On your anniversary, I will be turning 65 and having my kids here - and some of Dave's too. Looking forward to the celebration as I'm sure you are anticipating yours. Love and hugs. Judy and Dave

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